Kalpana (Translation of Poetry)

– Kurnikova Chakma

Everyone knows the tale.
In that tale-
There was no phrase,
There was no frenzy,
There wasn’t any tale of some hill cottage-
Where people lived days together
Playing Dhudhuk, Shinga,
Hengarang or Flute.

There was a girl’s tale-
Who chose the path of battle.
She was at the happiness and sadness of Jummo,
Took oath to be with them for lifetime.
Still she was lost-
Jummo couldn’t keep her,
Her tale will live forever-
As long as we, Jummo exist,
As long as exist our “Hill-Chadigang”.

Kalpana | 𑄇𑄧𑄣𑄴𑄛𑄧𑄚 | কল্পনা

Purified by: Vaskar Chakma

Original: কল্পনা (চাকমা কবিতা)

বাংলানুবাদ: কল্পনা (অনুবাদ সাহিত্য)

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